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Best Hotels in Atibaia

Find the best of Atibaia with a relaxing vacation at Atibaia hotels in 2020!

Looking for a getaway with family, look no further and plan your visit to Atibaia to discover something new and interesting. Living and moving around the city to explore it wouldn’t be a problem with some of the best hotels in Atibaia and with several bus schedules leaving from Terminal Tiete towards the town. Atibaia is a beautiful place, yet in order to make the most of it; plan your trip ahead. This quiet yet interesting tourist destination is located at a distance of only 70 km from Sao Paulo, the capital. Before you hop on for a tour of the city, make sure to put on a comfortable pair of sneakers, put on some sunscreen, and carry water. There will be lots of walking and even climbing through natural beauty here. Get yourself ready, so you can make the most of your trip.

Indulge yourself in nature with some rock and mountain climbing experiences in this region. Remember that there are parks, museums, theatres and a lot more for visitors to discover here. Beginning with the Portugal Park that features a boating lake, train for tourists and planetarium that gives you an escape from the bustle of the city life and keeps you surrounded by natural beauty. It also features several walking trails, sports fields, picnic spots, and science museums.

The Taquaral Lake covers the most part of the park towards the east where you can rent a paddleboat and enjoy gliding through the tranquil water. You may also get to see capybara and waterfowl enjoying bathing in this lake. Towards the eastern bank, you can see the Caravela Anunciacao which is a replica of the ship that Pedro Avlares Cabral (the Portuguese explorer) used on his travel to South America and India. For breathtaking views of the lake, climb up to the deck of the ship and explore some interrupted views of the lake. You may also explore it by riding the Bondinho do Lagoa’s historic tram. The planetarium is a must if you love exploring the solar system and are keen to learn about space travel and constellations. Free rotating exhibits are also displayed at the Dynamic Museum of Science. You may also enjoy live dance, music, and theater at the open-air auditorium of the Concha Acustica do Taquaral. There are many reasonable Atibaia hotels located around and near to this place of natural beauty.

While you are visiting this place, make sure to leave plenty of time to spend sightseeing. Round your family up and visit some of the interesting places like Sao Joao Tennis Club, Victor Brecheret Auditorium, Salvador Russani Stadium, Victor Brecheret Auditorium, Museum of Natural History, Telephone Museum, Marcelo Stefani Stadium, and Museu Olho Latino.   Explore an array of Atibaia hotels around Edmundo Zanoni Park where you can learn more about the history of this place while at the same time enjoying the natural beauty. This park based over 40,000 square meters features a beautiful lake with ducks around, a playground, woods, snack bar with some delicious food, and the Museum of National History.   Another popular attraction is the Parque das Aguas that offers relaxing leisure locations, playgrounds, nurseries, and the lake that makes it more fascinating. Thus, this place serves as a complete package for those who admire nature and its beauty.

For adventure seekers, hiking at Parque de Grota Funda awaits you with more than 200 different species of animals spread over 250 hectares of this site. There are trails that are 30 km long so be prepared for a long walk along with instructors of the park.

The cable car is one of the interesting options to explore views of Atibaia. The cable car tours run through an incredible setting with spectacular views of Water Park and Pedra Grande. The course of this trip is around 550 meters and it operates from Wednesday till Sunday. Pedra Grande National Monument is the figure that stands 1418 meters high. The trail of Pedra Grande is highly recommended if you enjoy nature as this path is around 3 hours long. Although if you don’t prefer to walk, you may hire a jeep ride.

The Lake Major is also the main attraction with its incredible beauty as it features a stage where all the main events of the city happen. Also, visit the Paradise Farm for a unique blend of nature and history. This tour is accompanied by the landlady here who gives historical facts to visitors amid the local natural beauty all around.

As you travel through the city, check out the Atibaia Mountain Club and discover some hidden gems as they offer spectacular waterfalls, scenery, pools, playgrounds, and restaurants. You will also find the countryside life interesting and would be a good change if you can get to enjoy some typical local dishes. Try the traditional Brazilian food as well as some cod dumplings, meatballs, or pizzas. Some interesting places to eat are the Cantina Provincia di Lucca, House of Esfiha Mesa of the Caliph, Grecco Rustic Kitchen, Viva Zapata, and many others.

Whether you will be staying for a day, two, or more, make sure to check the areas around the Atibia hotels, so you can stay close to some major attractions and can explore more of this interesting city.
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